Are BT accessories worth using?

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Are BT accessories worth using?

Postod JoeClark » Petak, 13.10.2017 09:58


Couldn't find a proper answer so here goes. I just acquired my first BT acc (Frostfall Ring) and I do not see the point of using it over my True Yeti Ring stage 10.

I would be losing 936 crit, 12 AP and 159 critical damage, sounds like a heavy DPS loss to me. Not to mention it costs an absolute fortune to upgrade (PSTS at stage 3, really?) so all in all it does not seem worth using at all. Sure it grants a whopping +363 Frost damage, but I do not see how it can measure up to my old ring. Am I missing something here? Why do everyone seem hell-bent on using BT accs over True boss?


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